The almost hurricane

Hurricane Bill came closer to our coast than any other hurricane in years.

The close pass-by caused fear and consternation among those living nearest to the shoreline, and among those of us who know how destructive hurricanes can be when they hit.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation closed Revere Beach to bathers Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday when the tide was rising and a rip tide was clearly visible.

In this instance, the DCR made the right decision and followed it up immediately.

Even the strongest most experienced swimmers can be done in by a roaring rip tide.

Luckily for us the hurricane passed by almost without notice as it headed in a Northeast pattern.

It went up to Nova Scotia where the wind and heavy rains battered that part of the Canadian coastline.

If Hurricane Bob had turned toward us on Saturday instead of veering away and came down on us with 100 mile per hour winds, heavy rains and raging seas, one wonders what might have occurred.

There would have been shoreline flooding and damages in low-lying areas. There would also have been a tremendous number of trees downed by the heavy winds and severe damages to some home and buildings.

It is the high winds that would wreaked the worst havoc as everything that is not bolted down securely would have been flying through the air at speeds of up to 100 mph.

The fact this didn’t happen makes what might have been so important.

We urge the city council, the fire department and the police to meet to discuss contingencies if and when the city is hit with a hurricane head on.

It is hurricane season and we just came close.

We may not be so lucky the next time around.

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