Distributing contraceptives in the public schools

Suspending the current School Department contraceptive distribution program is a backward step.

No one in the public schools is forced to accept contraceptives or to use them.

As such, the present program makes them available to those who want to use them.

Efforts at abstention and chastity among high schoolers, and even among those in junior high school, have largely failed – and not because young people are any worse than their elders but because society has changed, sexual mores have changed and even how society meets this brave new world has changed.

Offering contraceptives to young people who are absolutely going to have unprotected sex makes good sense.

If contraceptives are used by young people determined to have sex, there will be fewer transmissions of the AIDS virus and fewer unwanted pregnancies.

This is the purpose of the School Department’s contraceptive program.

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