Novoselsky moving out of the city?

Repeated comments being made by those close to Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky say he is looking at property outside the city, is readying to retire and would likely leave rather than face a strong fight in the ward.

This speculation comes on the heels of news a candidate is apparently set to run against Novoselksy.

Steven Morabito, a Ward 2 young man who is from the family that owns the political sticker and sign company on Beach Street, is dead set ready to run against Novoselsky and will shortly announce officially.

Novoselsky, who has picked up on Guinasso’s anti-Journal mantra, is well liked and popular in the ward. Unless Morabito was willing to campaign hard and knock on every door in the ward two or three times and haver an impact, he would be hard-pressed to beat Novoselsky.

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