Maglione versus Guinasso?

The recent exoneration of Joe Maglione has caused the emergence of his wife, Karen, as a likely candidate for Ward 3 seat held by Arthur Guinasso. The Roosevelt Street resident stood by her husband’s side during an excruciating period when the family name was thrown around by many people in this city in office and out of office.

We are told that Mrs. Maglione is set to run. She wants to have her say how things are done in Revere and many people say she’d actually make a good councillor.

Guinasso has been extremely critical of the Journal, of late. Many people are wondering why he is so quick to announce his support for a new billboard the size of the Titanic on Squire Road after the Journal announced he was against it. Good question, isn’t it. And that is a question the billboard people are piqued about, as well. Is Arthur for it or against it? Ask him, and he’ll tell you he doesn’t know. But others in the ward know better.

Back to Mrs. Maglione – she is apparently on a mission – and with the kind of energy and integrity she brings to the table, if she campaigned hard throughout the ward where she is well-known – well, anything could happen.

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