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  • Timely discussion - BTW , others a MA Form T20060-0911 , my family filled out and esigned a fillable version here

  • The Patriots civic club revere at 90 patriots parkway is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a revere civic organization we would like to invite the journal and it's staff to our open house BBQ if you can please send a photographer free hot dogs burgers and soft drinks to our neighbors 12 to 8pm September 17th

    • I have went to the BBQ at the Patriots club. I have rented the club several times for functions. The people I have met there are very friendly and a credit to the city. That club does more for the people in Revere than we know about because they don't go bragging about themselves.

  • "RHS TO START CULTURAL COMPETENCY" So now we are spending tax money on a class that was started over a civic teacher asking her students a question about low voter turn out . The answer was an opinion from a student, she said with only 14 words " When only 10% of revere votes for mayor cause the other 90% isn't legal". Now this liberal superintendent came up with a class to tell are kids how to talk without offending anyone. First off what the child said may not be fact 90% illegal. But calling people who are in this country without documentation is in fact ILLEGAL. The threats made to this girl after the fact were illegal and nothing was done to those students. I hope this class has someone teaching the constitution and the bill of rights.. can you say right to free speech and freedom of expression ..PC POLICE AT IT AGAIN!!!

  • SHUT DOWN the SQUIRE LOUNGE for good they are no good their attorney Peter Kajko is worse ALL CROOKS

  • I would like to get a PDF of the full print edition of the Jan 29, 2017 Revere Journal. Does anyone know how or where to request one? From the web site it looks like at any given time only the current week's edition is available in PDF format. Thanks.

  • Nice to see someone else running for ward 3 councilor. We have enough septuagenarians with life time positions on the city council. The city and the state need term limits like they have in Nebraska so that we don't have state representatives voting themselves 40% pay raises and thinking they are entitled to it. There's that word entitlement again which applies to politicians and dead beats on the dole. Revere city councilors are entitled to $600 a month expense money that they do not have to account for. The mayor needs to fix that.

  • On Broadway.
    Walking on Broadway Sunday night. Almost got run down by two young people flying down the sidewalk. Five minutes later I went to walk from Broadway onto Park Ave and almost got run down by another person on a bicycle that came flying around the corner. This may all be amusing to the readers until it's you or an elderly relative that gets seriously hurt. Just another hazard of living in the Beach City.

  • So sad resident of Revere for 50 years and was disgusted walking along Revere Beach. By the water trash, bottles, cans bags etc. Why people when you come to the first beach in the U.S. do you disrespected it, clean up after yourself please

  • Fedala Bakery
    91 Centennial Ave Revere MA 02151
    Phone: (781) 629 3424

    Get the best tasty foods and pastries served by friendly people!
    Are you a resident of Revere? How would you like to get the best tasty foods from a restaurant where you’re being treated cordially and honorably? This is exactly what Fedala Bakery does! We have found a perfect blend between quality service and customer satisfaction, so much that we make you revel after meal “It can’t be so good!”
    It is basically our goal to become the BEST restaurant in this fantastic neighborhood. While we offer various Moroccan and Mediterranean foods favored by the locals, we also have an amazing bakery that gives the locals the best croissants and French pastries. Our croissants and pastries are the best because they are made by chef Nour who are simply the finest in the business.
    You will find a few of our family members in our restaurant because we like to keep our innate friendly attitude. So, apart from seeing the hard working Fakhreddine (Eddine) the owner of the business, you will see his niece. Fakhreddine (Eddine) pacing up and down to make sure everyone gets food in time and with smiles on their faces.
    So are you living in the neighborhood and ready to have the best resident Moroccan and Mediterranean foods and French pastries and, on top of that, have it served by the friendliest people? Then make sure to make a stop at Fedala Bakery next time, and never have to worry about the best place to eat!

  • My nephew reported a domestic issue to the police last night. The man and woman were apparently intoxicated and attempted to start his vehicle, lucky it did not start. The detectives came, saw the intoxicated man behind the wheel, with an open container of alcohol, spoke to him a few minuets, and told him to do his drinking inside his home, not in the vehicle, and left. We, as a family, are very upset at this issue, as we have a 2 and a half year old in our own home, and know children play in the streets and on the sidewalks on our street. If the vehicle had started, an intoxicated man would have been driving the streets of Revere in an angry state. Sorry, but I am mad as hell at both the attempted driver AND the Revere Police department. Not the first time a call from my home was left with negative results. Is Revere really safe? I dont think so.

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