Council unanimously approves Mayor’s FY2025 Budget

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This week the Revere City Council unanimously approved the City of Revere’s FY2025 Budget. Prepared and submitted by Mayor Patrick M. Keefe Jr. and Chief Financial Officer Rich Viscay, the FY2025 budget totals $274 million, with nearly 70% of investments focused on Revere Public Schools, public safety, and public infrastructure. No one-time revenues were required to balance the budget.

With an eye towards providing equitable municipal resources and services, Mayor Keefe also emphasized his goals of benefitting neighborhoods and fostering local economic development. “The approval of this budget affirms some of the key initiatives that this administration has prioritized: developing a culture based on results, and achieving a common goal. I’m proud of all the teamwork that went into it, including the City Councillors who made every consideration to ensure that the right decisions were being made for our taxpayers,” stated Mayor Keefe. “We want to do what’s right by our residents, our businesses, and our neighborhoods. I feel confidently that this budget reflects that effort.”

CFO Rich Viscay added, “I want to thank all of the departments who collaborated on this budget. I also want to thank the City Council for their vote, and to my team for their hard work in preparing this budget.”

FY2025 Budget Highlights

Investments in Public Education: Nearly 44% of the FY2025 budget is dedicated to Revere Public Schools. The City Council appropriated $126,284,616 for Revere Public Schools in FY2025, $102,000,000 of which is Chapter 70 funding provided by the State, as the City works toward full funding of the Student Opportunity Act by FY2027. Revere Public Schools continues to work toward district goals of purchasing new instructional tools, upgrading technology and facilities, and providing appropriate supplemental services for all students.

Investments in Public Safety: The FY2025 budget increases uniformed police officers from 115 to 117, and firefighters from 119 to 121.

Reorganization and Increased Efficiency: Strategic planning is at the forefront of this administration’s mission, with the aim of consolidating and centralizing city services to benefit residents and personnel alike. Mayor Keefe initiated a major departmental reorganization to ensure ease of access to resources for residents, and emphasized his mission to protect the tax dollar. Some of the consolidation includes common-sense solutions, such as incorporating Consumer Affairs into Constituent Services (311), and consolidating DEI, the Community School, and Talent and Culture under the umbrella of Human Resources. In addition, the DPW, Water and Sewer Enterprise, and Engineering Departments were reorganized to increase productivity, and the Parks and Recreation department was re-envisioned to accommodate their expanded offerings, including the Haas Health and Wellness Center.

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