School Committee Honors Fast-Acting Heroes

By Michael Coughlin Jr.

During its regular meeting last week, the Revere School Committee recognized several employees from the Beachmont and CityLab Schools who sprung into action during an emergency medical situation at the Beachmont School.

Dianne Kelly, Superintendent of Schools, provided details of the incident. “We had a staff member who had a critical cardiac incident very unexpectedly in the cafeteria just before lunch was being served,” she said.

“The incredible, incredible, incredible staff at the Beachmont and CityLab Schools immediately stepped into action.”

Staff members directed the ambulance to the situation, got and administered defibrillators that saved the individual’s life, and more.

“It was an incredibly stressful and traumatic event that, thanks to the incredible staff at the Beachmont and CityLab, had a good outcome for our employee,” said Kelly.

“We were just fortunate to have a group of people in that building who all jumped in and did exactly what needed to happen and exactly what needed to be done in that moment.”

Among the staff honored were Nate Dore, Angela Guttadaro, Austin Tevenal, Stacey Livote, Elaine Pelton, Joyce Ennis, Dawn Comeau, Asmaa Dekkai, Marina Romero, Chris Freisen, and Stacey Mulligan

Several members of the Committee expressed their thanks to the staff members who jumped in to help when they were needed the most.

“This Beachmont CityLab family said we’re going to do whatever we have to do, and I can’t commend them — they’re just phenomenal,” said Stacey Bronsdon-Rizzo.

Anthony Mattera, in part, said, “Congratulations to all of you. You deserve a lot of pats on the back. Thank you so much.”

John Kingston said, “Thank you. I appreciate all your efforts every day and, especially in this circumstance, so thank you again.” While Anthony Caggiano said, “I’d just like to say thank you to all of the employees who stepped up for that day because something tragic could have happened. Thank you all.”

As part of the recognition, staff members from the abovementioned list who attended the meeting were presented with certificates and gathered for a photo.

Following the photo, Freisen, the Principal of the Beachmont School, credited Dore, Guttadaro, and Tevenal, saying, “I am extremely proud of the two of them. They jumped right into action. You know, the rest of us were there, but you two were heroes and Austin as well.”

“The three of you really just jumped right into action, and it was probably one of the scariest moments of my career, but just fortunate to have all three of you on staff, so just thank you.”

It should also be noted that during the meeting, a member of the audience indicated that several folks visited the individual who had the emergency and that they were doing “extremely well.” Everyone then waved and participated in a video that was sent to the individual.

“It just goes to show you when you have preparations in place and you have the safety devices in place, all things aligned and we had a really beautiful moment at the school,” said Mayor Patrick Keefe.

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