Revere Community School Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

By Melissa Moore-Randall

The Revere Community School recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. A  celebration was held on May 11 and included a turnout of adults, students, families, and school, city and state officials.

Fatou Drammeh, the Manager of the Revere Community School and the City’s Adult Education Program, started the program in 2013. Her role includes the day-to-day management and coordination of the activities and program that lead to student’s achievement and a thriving community. “I am in charge of program development and implementation, hiring and supervision of teachers and support staff. Also, fundraising, financial management as well as developing community partnership.”

“Our goal is to ensure quality, robust community-based learning opportunities for residents of Revere, where they can improve their English language skills, attend college preparedness classes, and gain employment and citizenship preparation. Since its inception, the program offered courses such as ESOL, HISET, Citizenship, computer, workforce development to support the language, job skill and civic skills of thousands of residents including professionals. Our students come from more than 30 countries and speak more than 20 languages. Revere Community Schools has been recognized as one of the fastest growing successful programs in the city that caters to the adult learners in Revere.”

In their first year of operation, the RCS had 203 students in 12 classes.  In 10 years, they have had about 8,000 learners attending over 500 classes/courses

“Our students and staff speak many languages.  About 80% of our students are Spanish speakers. The students include children, teens, and adults range in age from 1-69 years old. This includes teachers, city employees and other service providers, parents and seniors. Many of the graduates are working in the schools, City Hall, health care facilities and some running their own small business,” added Drammeh.

“We love helping families because that helps the kids. When parents and caregivers have what they need they are better able to help the children and engage in the school. Having RCS in the school building help increase parent and family engagement and access to more resources,” added Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly.

New classes will start on May 30 and 31st. To get more information or to register send an email to [email protected].

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