Mayoral Candidate Gerry Visconti Holds Campaign Reception

Councillor-at-Large Gerry Visconti held a fundraising reception to kick off his campaign kickoff reception for the office of mayor of Revere.

Family, friends, city officials, and supporters, including a large delegation of Local 22 Union members, packed the Casa Lucia function hall of the event.

Nino Visconti, Gerry’s oldest of three brothers, thanked the large crowd for their support.

“It means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to my brother,” said Nino, who was also joined by brothers, John Visconti and Michael Visconti, at the reception.

Nino spoke about the “tight-knit Visconti family that followed the guiding principles of a sense of family, moral values, a work ethic, a sense of discipline, accountability, faith, and more important knowing right from wrong.”

In one of the better lines of the political season to-date, Nino told the enthusiastic crowd, “The train is officially leaving the station tonight. Its first destination is Sept. 19. I can feel it. This train is powerful. It’s just starting to get warmed up. The coming weeks and months, it is going to get momentum. Get on board. I guarantee you’ll want to be part of the journey.”

Mayoral candidate Gerry Visconti delivered the following remarks at the reception:

Thank You Nino for that warm introduction

I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and supporting our campaign.

I want to thank my wife, and my family for the love and support, and the commitment to this journey. I also want to thank my longtime friends, neighbors, colleagues, and constituents for their confidence in our message, and the outpouring of support. And as always I want to thank the residents of Revere for the opportunity to represent you, and to serve as your voice on the council.

I’m often asked why do you want to be Mayor – Gerry – it’s a thankless job

it’ll take time away from your beautiful family – and it’s impossible to make everyone happy…

And I say to myself… They’re absolutely right.

But that’s not who I am.

I grew up in a union household. I watched my parents overcome challenges as immigrants working hard and sacrificing to give me and my brothers the opportunity for a better life.

They showed us that success is achieved through determination, perseverance, and hard work.

And they taught us that our character is reflected in the respect we show others.

My wife and I chose to live here, we work here, we’re raising our four children here, and like all of you… We’re vested in the future of Revere.

The decisions we make and the resources we commit during the next administration will affect our quality of life for decades to come.

Timing is critical. Time is of the essence.

And I believe I can make a difference.

That’s why I’m running for mayor.

Our campaign’s about NEW VISION……. NEW LEADERSHIP

for our families

for our neighborhoods

for our community

As an active member of our community, on the school committee, and on the council, I have been a strong advocate for transparency and accountability fighting on behalf of all our residents.

But there is much important work left to be done.

I hear your voices.

I understand the struggles of our working families, and of our concerned parents.

I know the hardship inflation is imposing on all of us, especially our seniors, and I feel the frustration of our taxpayers.

But I see more and more of us coming together, solving problems, committed to building a stronger, more prosperous, more inclusive community… for all regardless of background or political affiliation.

I’m running for Mayor because I believe I am the right candidate, at the right time, with the right vision, to lead us forward.

But we need to work together. I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

As the campaign rolls on, I will continue to reach out, engaging with residents, listening to your stories, your ideas, your opinions, your concerns.

If you’ve had enough of the status quo –

the empty promises,

the lack of transparency,

the lack of accountability,

Join Us.

Together, we are a powerful and necessary force for change.

If you believe our future demands new vision,

from a fresh perspective,

transforming our challenges into opportunities….

Then we need you to help us make that vision a reality

If you believe we need new leadership…

with a track record of fiscal responsibility…

setting higher standards,

focused on execution,

managing our resources effectively…

Then we need you to sign up and get involved with our campaign

If you believe we need new leadership…

committed to helping our seniors,

supporting our youth,

protecting our community…

Then we need you to help us deliver our message to the people of Revere

If you believe it’s time… for new leadership…

that serves.

the needs…

of the people of Revere, first…

Then I ask for your support, and your vote on September 19th.

Because I know we can do better.

We can BE better.

I want to thank everyone again for coming out and supporting our campaign.

Let’s get to work.

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