Council Takes Up Dog Park Issues

By Adam Swift

Better monitoring of one city dog park is in the works, while City Council President Pro Tempore Joanne McKenna has requested the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation consider building a new dog park at the end of Revere Beach.

Last September, Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino asked that funds from a dog park revolving account be used to install a camera at the Paws ‘N Play Dog Park on Sargent Street in West Revere due to serious issues relative to dogs being abandoned at the park, as well as dogs attacking other dogs and people.

At last week’s council meeting, mayoral aide Gianni Hill said the city recently received estimates for a camera for the dog park and has the funds to pay for it. Hill said he would discuss with Serino the best location in the park to install the camera.

Ward 3 Councillor Anthony Cogliandro suggested that the camera be placed somewhere where it can also pick up vehicles that park at the dog park.

“We’re also having an issue with companies, doggie daycares, just wreaking havoc in there,” said Cogliandro. “I watched a van appear there with a sliding door and six dogs run into the park. It’s not made for that, it’s for people who have one or two dogs where they can go there and let their dogs blow off some steam.”

While the city looks to more closely monitor the dog park in Ward 6, McKenna said there is an opportunity to fill a need with the creation of a new dog park at the far end of Revere Beach in Ward 1.

“This part of Revere Beach, right where the rotary is, there is a patch of grass and all the people who can’t go to the beach put their dogs there, and it is dangerous because it is a highway,” said McKenna. “That part of the beach is away from houses. It has rocks and mud and no sand, and it would be a perfect place to put a little dog beach park.”

McKenna noted that there are many people in the area who have dogs, but there are limited places to walk them, since dogs are not allowed on Revere Beach during the spring and summer months.

Serino said he supported the idea, but noted that there could be some issues with the state since allowing dogs on the beach could create issues with dog waste getting into the water if people don’t pick up after their pets.

Councillor-at-Large Gerry Visconti said he sees a number of dogs out on the beach in the morning, and that it would be a good idea to have a dedicated space for them.

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