Rizzo Enters Mayor’s Race

The race for Mayor of Revere just got a lot more interesting with the announcement by popular councillor-at-large, and former mayor, Dan Rizzo that he will be a candidate for the city’s chief executive position in the 2023 election.

Dan Rizzo.

Rizzo will be seeking a return to the corner office, having previously served one term as mayor from 2012 to 2016. During his mayoral campaign, Rizzo will no doubt highlight his numerous accomplishments in office, compiling an impressive slate during challenging times that included an unprecedented tornado that struck the city in 2014, and the eight feet of snow during 45 days in the winter of 2015.

“Despite our challenges, we were able to do an awful lot,” said Rizzo. “We invested $8-9 million on Broadway. We built the new Hill School and the new Harry DellaRusso Stadium, the three ballfields behind St. Mary’s, and brought in Market Basket to reenergize Northgate. So I think my proven record of accomplishments and getting things done will hopefully resonate with the voters.”

Rizzo said he recently consulted with some of his longtime supporters about a run for mayor, “and everyone’s energized and everybody’s excited, because they believe in my form of leadership and government. So, I’ll definitely be back in the race for mayor. I’m feeling confident. My campaign is going to be about positivity. It’s going to be about the future.”

 Rizzo said he will formally announce his candidacy at his April 13 luau that has annually attracted capacity crowds to Casa Lucia.

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