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Retired Boston Legends, Brady, Ortiz, Garnett, and Rask Have Unclaimed Property

Massachusetts State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg has announced the latest grouping of names added to the state’s list of unclaimed property owners, and fortunately for you this is one shot that Tuukka Rask can’t stop.

Over 50,000 new properties worth millions of dollars belong to individuals and businesses throughout the Commonwealth including Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Kevin Garnett, and Tuuuuuuukka Rask.

This is no Hail Mary pass; it is more of a slam dunk when you visit One in ten Massachusetts residents are owed money. And unlike athletes that retire, your unclaimed property is always on the roster. 

“As Tom Brady likes to say, let’s go!” said State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg. “And to quote Kevin Garnett after winning the 2008 NBA Championship, anything is possible……. especially when you visit”

Unclaimed property includes forgotten savings and checking accounts, un-cashed checks, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, dividends, and the contents of unattended safe deposit boxes. These accounts have had too much hang time and are

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