Letters to the Editor

The Persecuted Church

Dear Editor,

Freedom to express one’s faith is central to our American Heritage.  Yet, there is so much persecution of Christians in other countries that occurs with little recognition by Western Leaders.

During May, a college student in Northeast Nigeria named Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu was stoned, beaten to death and burnt by her classmates because she thanked Jesus on social media for helping her pass an exam!  In June, extremists in Southwest Nigeria broke into a Catholic Church Service and began a shooting rampage that left 50 dead including children.  This has been an ongoing threat in Nigeria. Yet, leaders of the Western World are silent about these atrocities.

President Biden removed Nigeria from US list of “countries of particular concern”. UK government acknowledged Jihadist activity as a “driver” of violence in Northeast Nigeria, but ignored atrocities in the rest of that country.  The International Criminal Court that deals with crimes against humanity and genocide speaks of “dialogue” but makes no mention of the ongoing slaughter.  The UN Human Rights Council met in Geneva after the Nigeria Church attack, but its priority is to ensure that “comprehensive sexuality-orientation and gender-identity rights” are rolled out across Africa.  Really? While Christians are being slaughtered, this is their priority?

Please pray for the persecuted Church, that world leaders will denounce these atrocitites and come to the aid of these persecuted people.  And please support Voice of the Martyrs, a ministry that reaches out to help persecuted Christians.  Thank you.

Lucia Hunter

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