Revere’s Gianna Gravalese Is the New Afternoon Voice at Kiss 108

By Melissa Moore-Randall

Revere native Gianna Gravalese has seen her dream become a reality. Gravelese, daughter of Elaine Doris and Eddie Gravalese, has joined Kiss 108’s Mike V and Frankie V, The VBros afternoon broadcast adding a female perspective and producing the program. She also works as an on-camera reporter for “Dirty Water TV”, a Boston-based nightlife cable program on NESN.  She travels to different venues around New England to highlight all the best entertainment, nightlife, events, and restaurants in the area. Her main duties are to interview the owners of the establishments, talk with customers, and (her favorite part) taste test all the food and drinks.

“I had actually wanted to work for Kiss 108 forever. I applied to positions multiple times, and even directly messaged them on Instagram begging for a job. I never had any luck, and then one day Mikey V reached out to my boss over at Dirty Water asking for my information.”

Gianna grew up in Revere and attended the A.C. Whelan and SBA Middle Schools. “I was a proud member of the SBA drama department, and even got to play the role of Annie in the musical Annie. I truly haven’t changed much since I was a kid. I was VERY loud, a social butterfly, interested in television and music, and always had big aspirations. I would even steal my mom’s camcorder and record videos of myself in my room pretending to host “The Gianna Show.” I’ve known that I wanted to do television as a career since I was very little, and never wanted to do anything else. Thankfully, I have the most supportive parents ever and they always encouraged me to follow that dream and supported me no matter what.”

Gravelese graduated from Chapman University in 2020 with a BFA in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Media, Culture, and Society. “I had never heard of it, but my guidance counselor in high school forced me to look into it because she knew what I wanted to study and that I wanted to be in California. My mom and I took a trip out west to see the school. I completely fell in love with their beautiful campus at first glance, and I was hooked when I learned more about their successful broadcast program.”

Gianna claims her road to TV stardom technically started from an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. “I was inspired to have a  broadcast career because of Ellen. I watched her show as a kid and wanted to do exactly what she did. So it was on my bucket list to attend one of her shows. When I got to California, my roommate knew how much I loved Ellen and applied to get tickets. For some reason we got the tickets right away, when people usually try to get them for years. We went to the show, sat in the front row, and it was a dream come true. This would lead to several more invites back to the show and winning many prizes along the way including a TV, a Dyson, $300 Lyft gift card, Google speaker, and a trip to Cancun. Her last visit to the show included more amazing prizes, including a trip to Greece that she still hasn’t taken yet because of COVID.

As for her future plans, Gianna would love to replace Ellen Degeneres now that she’s retired. “However, now that I do radio, I should say I want to do more of a Ryan Seacrest vibe. I’d love to have my own talk show, attend red carpet events, interview celebrities, and host the Oscars.”

You can listen to Gianna on Kiss 108 weekdays from 2:00-7:00 and catch her on Dirty Water Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30. You can also follow Gianna on social media on Facebook,Instagram @giannagravalese, Twitter @giannagravalese and TikTok @giannagravalese2.0.

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