Rep. Turco Steps Up Again for His Pines’ Constituents

State Rep. Jeff Turco, who was instrumental with State Rep. Jessica Giannino in the dismantling of the parking meters on Revere Beach Boulevard, can now claim another victory following his forceful and persuasive remarks during the Mass DEP’s visit to the Point of Pines last Thursday.

Turco, who will soon represent the Point of Pines neighborhood in the newly designed district, initially expressed his dismay that he, Rep.  Giannino, and Sen. Lydia Edwards were not invited to the DEP’s site visit.

“It was Mayor Arrigo and his team that reached out to us and asked me to be here,” said Turco. “I think that was completely disrespectful by DEP not to notify the state elected officials that you’d be here today.”

Turco told DEP officials of the importance of the fire station project advancing quickly.

“On a windy hot day, a fire can take off – and our fire department can’t get here because of the traffic – and it’s only going to get worse when another 300-plus [residential] units come on line. This is critical that this fire station be built, and it be built timely. It should have been built five years ago. We need to get it done.”

Turco drew a standing ovation for his remarks at the conference, though it should be noted that everyone was standing at the time as there were no chairs available.

No matter, Turco had directly made his point and on Tuesday, the DEP told Mayor Brian Arrigo that it was withdrawing its appeal.

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