New RHS Principal Bowen Addresses School Committee

At the most recent Revere School Committee meeting, newly appointed Revere High School Principal Christopher Bowen was introduced to the committee and shared some of his thoughts on the upcoming school year.

“I appreciate you for welcoming me here tonight,” said Bowen. “I was just hoping to briefly share a little bit about my passion and education and what I hope to bring to the table as the new leader of high school. I think after the challenging year that we’ve all had as educators and students and families throughout the horrors of this pandemic, I think nothing’s more obvious than the need to think about culture, think about community and think about the way that we need to intentionally build culture.”

Bowen said when he thinks about his purpose in school he truly believes that what happens in classrooms every day has the power to change the world.

“I think that we need to be mindful of how we’re empowering our teachers to kind of latch on to that passion and give voice to our communities and our families and our kids–to empower them to do just that,” he said. “So I think that it’s related very much to what it means to be a leader for social justice. I see schools as centers for social justice and we need to think when we’re making decisions, when we’re thinking about choices, how we put those individuals, those students in particular, who have been most marginalized by society in the schooling process, at the center of the reforms we are making.”

Bowen said there are some very concrete ways that schools can do that.

“We’ve got a great faculty here who are very mindful of that,” he said. “There’s a lot of wonderful ways that target interventions–through programs that are clearly defined–can really support all students. Not just those who need those programs, or who benefit from them, but everybody else in the school.”

Bowen added, “I’m just saying I’m very excited to work with the wonderful faculty, staff and community that we have here as well as families and everybody else.  I’m very, very honored and excited to be named as the person to lead (RHS) in that direction.”

Bowen began his career in education as a high school mathematics teacher, mostly at Framingham High School, and has experience designing and leading programs for at-risk students.

He came to Revere four years ago as the Assistant Principal of the Freshman Academy.

“We’ve known Mr. Bowen for four years now and is impressed by his work engaging students and families,” said Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly. “We saw this first hand with his redesign of the 9th grade transition program last summer. Chris led the RHS strategic plan development for the transition to competency based learning and assessment.  This five-year strategic plan has been the basis of the RHS improvement goals since then. He has a vision for defining and implementing a multitude of student supports including entry criteria, referral process, monitoring and exit criteria to ensure progress toward graduation for students who would benefit from timely, coordinated and directive academic and social emotional intervention strategies.”

Committee member Stacey Rizzo added, “I look forward to working with you and I know your excitement is going to bring many great things to Revere High.”

Committee member Susan Gravellese also welcomed Bowen, saying she had heard nothing but positive things about him for the past four years.

“As a former teacher at Revere High School, I’m really proud of what we have been able to do over the years,” said Committee member Carol Tye. “The school is going to require a leader of great enthusiasm, which you have certainly demonstrated. I look forward to a very successful career for you and I’m honored that you will be joining us in the mission to take care of our kids.”

Bowen holds degrees in Mathematics, Sociology, and Education Leadership all from Boston College. 

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