RBC Grants First 2022 Beautiful Home Award

Special to the Journal

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) presented its “Beautiful Home” award to the Sabino Raffa home located at 18-20 Central Ave.

When looking at the front of this duplex, one will see side by side entry doors that are stained a matching deep red and have identical straw wreaths festooned with lilac colored plantings.  Between the doors is one large planter filled with different flowers creating a balanced effect.  Two hanging baskets filled with yellow begonias complete the picture.  Neatly trimmed bushes and hedges fill the front yard of this property and enclose a collection of various unusual items, including a large rock.  The property surrounding this home is immaculately kept and the beautification effort is extended into the rear of the home.

The owner of the property is Sabino Raffa who has lived in this house for 55 years.  Mr. Raffa does all of the landscaping on his property  –  “not just the front yard.  I have a back yard too”  this proud homeowner said.  He works 4-5 hours a day to create and maintain the finished product.

The Revere Beautification Committee urges all residents to do as Mr. Raffa has done.  As he explained, “I’m proud of my city and I want to keep my property well maintained.”

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