Linda Santos Rosa Announces Candidacy in Special Election

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Linda Santos Rosa has officially announced her candidacy for the upcoming Ward 5 Special Election, July 19th. The following is her statement:

“My name is Linda Santos Rosa and I’ve lived in Revere my entire life. I was on the Revere School Committee when my son was in the Revere Public Schools in the 1980s. I was then elected Councilor at Large after my time on the School Committee(I was actually the first woman ever elected as Councillor at Large in Revere’s history.) I left local politics to pursue a job at the State House in Boston for Senate President Robert Travaglini. And then, worked at the Supreme Judicial Court for Clerk Maura Doyle; up until last year. I’ve decided to come back and run for local politics because I feel like Ward 5 needs a lot of changes. And they aren’t being addressed in the timely manner that they should be.

Candidate for Ward 5 City
Councillor, Linda Santos Rosa.

In the last 20 years. Under the previous Ward 5 Councilor, residential developments have gone up one after another. Causing the population of Ward 5 to rise drastically. All while the Point of Pines Fire Station sat abandoned the entire time he was in office. Powers stated  “By 2019, we had secured a commitment from the Mayor and the City Council to build a new fire station”.  Well, it’s 2022, and we still don’t have a fire station. Fortunately, the abandoned fire station was finally torn down. After sitting there vacant for over 20 years.

The Riverside Boat Yard is another major eyesore that Ward 5 has dealt with for decades. It was littered with abandoned boats until about a year ago. And this is another situation where the previous Ward Councillor is quoted saying  “We have completed a community-based master plan for the River Front District”. And he then goes on to talk about rowing and an educational center at the expanded Gibson Park. But none of this is “completed”.  And the Riverside Boat Yard still sits abandoned. In the same paragraph, he states he “successfully voted downtwo proposed residential projects for the vacant Riverside Boat Yard.” But he didn’t mention, he approved a 290 unit residential apartment complex at the GJ Towing property. Property that literally abuts the Boat Yard.

So, we’ve heard a lot of pie in the sky talk for many years now. But we haven’t seen much actually being done for Ward 5, as a whole.  I am tired of waiting for change. And that is why I am running for Councilor. As I have been walking around speaking to people The consensus from residents is that all of Ward 5 needs improvements. Everything stemming from sidewalks and street repair, to infrastructure. Along with the ongoing traffic situation. I want more community services and better planning for the infrastructure of Ward 5. While the new condos and new apartments on the Boulevard get brand new sidewalks, roads and all sorts of other renovations. The rest of the Ward doesn’t seem to be getting much attention at all. This needs to change.

As the city grows I want to work with the new residents and the new people that are coming into Revere. As well as the lifelong people who are rooted here. And find ways to introduce and unite the people of Ward 5 and form a better sense of community. Whether through upgrading our local resources. Or to hold community events and recreational events for our neighbors and children. Gibson Park  and Sagamore Street Park are both 2 beautiful parks that are very underutilized.

And both are in much need of upgrades. But not just upgrades visually. Socially as well. In the warm weather these parks should have more events for kids and teens. And for years now. Nothing has been done or planned. I want to bring that change to the community. With my background in local, as well as state politics. I have established a strong network of people and resources. And I can contribute and help our community improve greatly.

I am very passionate and care deeply about our city. I would really appreciate your consideration in the Special Election on July 19th. I promise to represent the residents and fight my hardest to make Ward 5 better in any possible way that I can.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I know many of you are extremely busy in your day to day lives. But if you could make it a point to go to the poles on July 19th and cast your vote for Linda Santos Rosa for Ward 5 Councillor. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you again for the time.”

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