Cogliandro Gets Approval on Parking Changes, Park Upgrades

Ward 3 Councillor Anthony Cogliandro went 2-for-2 in his first-ever motions, gaining approval from the Council for non-residential, after-midnight street park near local businesses and for improvements at Jacob’s Park on Hastings Street.

Cogliandro, who was elected to his first term in November to succeed legendary Ward 3 councillor Arthur Guinasso, sought to allow non-residents patronizing local businesses to park their vehicles on local streets beyond 12 a.m. [midnight] without getting a ticket or being towed.

“A few months ago, I received complaints about customers [of businesses inside residential areas such as] the Patriot Civic Club, Mottolo Post, and Sons of Revere – people patronizing those businesses after 12 a.m. that were from outside the city and they were getting ticketed,” said Cogliandro. “I was wondering if there was a way that we can help these businesses to allow these patrons to be able to stay without worrying about getting a parking ticket.”

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe spoke in support of Cogliandro’s motion.

“I appreciate this motion as well for some of the businesses just off Broadway, like Volare Restaurant, where the 12 o’clock ordinance comes into play – they close their business at 12, but sometimes their employees aren’t getting out to 12:30 or 1 a.m.”

Keefe said he talked to the Parking Department and “they were starting to hit the residential areas first and then hitting the businesses later, which was typically after 2 a.m.”
“So, it seemed to have resolved itself, but it might be a good adjustment to the ordinance to protect those businesses,” concluded Keefe.

The Council unanimously approved the motion that asked Mayor Brian Arrigo to place the matter before the Revere Traffic Commission for consideration.

Cogliandro also won approval for his request for upgrades at Jacob’s Park on Hastings Street.

“If you don’t know where it is, it’s down the end of the side streets off of Revere Street – it’s a beautiful piece,” said Cogliandro. “In the past, it’s had littering issues, bulk dumping, homeless encampments – the DPW’s done an amazing job down there, and I think we can spruce it up a little bit with some trash barrels.”

Cogliandro’s motion for improvement will head to the Department of Planning and Community Development for consideration of implementation.

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