McKenna, HYM Team Up for Revere’s Bus Riders

Through the diligent efforts of Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna and the generosity of HYM, developer of the Suffolk Downs project, Revere bus riders now have a new bench on Furlong Drive.

During her first year in office in 2015, McKenna made a motion to have an MBTA bus stop located near Stop & Shop and Target on Furlong Drive. The bus stop became part of the Beachmont Station bus route in 2018.

“When I was a schoolteacher, during inclement weather I would see residents walking with their bundles from Stop & Shop to Beachmont, so it was always a pet peeve of mine to get a bus stop there,” said McKenna. “It came to fruition in 2018.”

Last week a new bench was installed at that very bus stop for riders.

“Now our bus riders will have a place to sit and wait for the bus,” said McKenna. “This has been one of my biggest motions besides the plastic bag and Styrofoam bans.”

McKenna credited HYM Managing Director Thomas O’Brien and HYM official and former MBTA employee Dino DiFonzo for their efforts.

“They donated the bench, and it’s a beautiful bench,” said McKenna. “They called me last week to tell me your bench was in, and I said, thank you so much.”

Cary Shuman:
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