License Commission Issues Warning Letter to Cinco De Mayo

The Revere License Commission addressed a full agenda of items at the commission’s monthly meeting last Wednesday, November 17.

Chairman Robert Selevitch and fellow commission members Daniel Occena and Linda Guinasso were on hand for the meeting.

The principal action taken by the commission was to issue a warning letter to the Cinco de Mayo III restaurant on Centennial Ave. regarding noise issues in the neighborhood.

The items on the agenda are listed below, followed by the commissioners’ discussions and votes on each matter.

Applications Submitted for Consideration

Item #1

Uno Restaurants, LLC d/b/a Uno Chicago Grill 210 Squire Road, Peter W. Major, Manager, Application for a Change of Officers: Application of Uno Restaurants, LLC d/b/a Uno Chicago Grill, Peter W. Major, Manager, for a change of corporate officers.

Discussion and vote:

Atty. Anita Dempsey of Norwood appeared for the applicant and explained the need for the change in officers. Dempsey told the commission that there will be no changes to the operation of the local Uno’s. There was no opposition and the measure was approved by a vote of 3-0.

Item #2

Revere Restaurant Group, Inc. d/b/a Tio Juan’s Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, 85 American Legion Highway, Sean M. Casey, Manager

 Application for a Change of Manager: Application of Revere Restaurant Group, Inc. d/b/a Tio Juan’s Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, Sean M. Casey, Manager, for a change of manager of an All Alcohol Restaurant license from Jeffrey K. Sailor.

Discussion and vote:

Mr. Casey appeared for the applicant and explained that this was a simple change of manager. There was no opposition and the measure was approved by a vote of 3-0. 

Item #3

Colwen Management, Inc., d/b/a Staybridge Suites/Holiday Inn Express, Revere 245 Revere Beach Parkway, Catherine Marie Cucchiello, Manager

Application for a Change of Manager: Application of Colwen Management, Inc. d/b/a Staybridge Suites/Holiday Inn Express – Revere, Catherine Marie Cucchiello, Manager, for a change of manager of an All Alcohol Innholder license from Jonathan Moore. – Continued from October meeting

Discussion and vote:

Atty. Jon Aieta and Ms. Cucchiello appeared for the applicant. The commissioners were informed that Ms. Cucchiello has had extensive experience as a restaurant and hospitality manager for 18 years.

Ward 2 City Councillor Ira Novoselsky spoke briefly in support of the application.

There were no questions from the commission and the application was approved 3-0.

Item #4

Orange Grove Market, Inc. 158 Shirley Avenue, Hanna Chheou, Manager,

Application for Change of License Category: Application of Orange Grove Market, Inc., 158 Shirley Avenue, Hanna Chheou, Manager, for a change of license category to All Alcohol Package Store from Wine and Malt Package Store.

Discussion and vote:

Accountant Peter Lim of Lynn and Ms. Chheou appeared on behalf of the application. Mr. Lim told the commissioners that Ms. Chheou has operated the Orange Grove for 11 years.

“There already are many package store licenses on Shirley Ave. Why would you want another one?” queried Guinasso.

“They run a wonderful business there and with the increase in the number of residents in the neighborhood, they’re looking to expand their customer base,” said Novoselsky, who noted that there is only one other all-alcohol package store in the vicinity. “I have no objections and hopefully you will give it to them.”

In addition, a resident from the area, who vouched to the commission that the Orange Grove has been a good member of the community, spoke in favor of the application.

When Selevitch asked whether they now will be selling nips, pointing out that the small bottles of hard liquor are a “menace,” Lim responded that they will not be selling nips.

There was no opposition and the commission voted 3-0 in favor of the application.

Item #5

388 Broadway, LLC d/b/a Volare, 388 Broadway, Cecilia Maya, Manager

Application for an Annual 1-day Change of Hours: Application of 388 Broadway, LLC d/b/a Volare, Cecilia Maya, Manager, for an annual 1-day change of hours to open at 8 a.m. on each Thanksgiving Day when the Thanksgiving Day High School Football game is played in Revere.

Discussion and vote:

Nick Moulaison appeared in support of the application.

“This is something we’ve done in the past,” said Moulaison. “A group of Revere High alumni come for breakfast and watch the game on the big screen TV.”

“No alcohol is served, correct?”, asked Guinasso.

“Actually, we do want to start serving alcohol at 8:00 in the morning,” said Moulaison. “This is a group of 20-30 long-time alumni who want to come there before the game. We’ve done this in the past, but have not done so for the past 5-6 years and would like to start doing it again.”

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe sent an email in support of the application. Novoselsky pointed out that the patrons are former football players whom he has known for a long time.

There was no opposition and the application was approved 3-0.

Item #6:

Application from the City Parks and Rec. Commission for a one-day license for Saturday, December 4 (with a rain date of December 5) from 5-8 p.m. for the annual Christmas Fair and Tree Lighting event in the area of City Hall.

“The commission has done this every year,” said Jennifer Duggan, representing the Parks and Rec. Commission. “The only addition this year will be some food truck vendors.”

“This is a wonderful event and I look forward to it every year,” said Guinasso.

Occena also noted that this is a “great event and I’ll be looking forward to it again this year.”

There was no opposition and the application was approved 3-0.


Item #7

Cinco de Mayo III, d/b/a Pancho Villa Mexican Grill 124 Centennial Avenue, Madeline Rodriguez, Manager

Hearing: Hearing into excessive noise and disruptions to neighborhood peace.

Discussion and action:

Ms. Rodriguez appeared on behalf of Cinco de Mayo III.

“When we heard there were complaints about the noise, we hired detail officers,” said Rodriguez. “But there is nothing we can do about what happens outside. We have lowered the volume of music inside the premises and it is barely audible outside.

“However, there is one nearby neighbor who has been complaining,” she continued. “I am doing my best to make sure there is no one hanging around  outside when we close at 2:00 a.m. And if I need to do even more soundproofing, I will do it.”

“The police chief said he could hear the bass from your music even over at Shirley Ave. and he thought it was too loud,” said Selevitch.

“I have very close friends who live in that neighborhood and they say that you run a very nice establishment and they say the loud music is few and far between,” said Guinasso. “I was brought up in that area and have heard very few complaints. But you need to make sure that the music is as quiet as possible and make sure that the parking lot is cleared out quietly.”

“I live up the street and am kind of far away from the noise,” said Novoslelsky. “I’ve been hearing some complaints from neighbors, but not much in recent months. The biggest complaint involved the closing around 1:30 and the patrons who have had a few drinks, so their voices are loud as they’re waiting for their rides. I think you need to be more observant of what is going on outside of your building and be nice to the neighborhood.”

“I’m trying really hard to work with my neighbors,” said Rodrigez. “I’m trying my best to deal with the noise and the problem of urination by customers in the nearby alley. Everybody is gone by 2:10.”

City Councillor George Rotondo of 9 Dehon St., which is two doors down from the business, spoke on the matter.

“I’ve seen patrons urinating and bringing out bottles from your bar,” said Rotondo. “My neighbors’ child and my daughter routinely are woken up. I’ve seen people shoot up in cars in your parking lot and I’ve had to offer them Narcan. This is a huge problem among the neighbors.”

After a neighbor spoke in support of the owner, Guinasso said, “I respect the previous speaker and we need to support small businesses, but we also need to respect the taxpayers. My first concern is the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. At this point I think these things are all correctable and they should be addressed.”

“I’m trying to work with the neighborhood,” said Rodriguez. “I want to have a place where people can come in and have a good time. We’ve cut down on the loudness of the music and will keep it low until we can install more soundproofing.”

Another resident, Manuel Carreiro of 17 Waverly Ave. (which is not in the immediate vicinity of the establishment) spoke in support of the restaurant.

“This business has been there for 15 years and they’re trying to do the best they can. We should be working to support small businesses in the best way we can,” he said.

“I would like to see this matter be tabled and see whether we continue to receive complaints in the next month,” said Novoselsky.

“I think we’ve reached a consensus as to what the various issues are,” said Selevitch, addressing Rodriguez. “It sounds like you’ve got a handle on it and are trying to work with the community to make sure this is not a disruptive place.”

“I think she’s on the right track,” said Guinasso. “I think there should be a strong warning here. If more complaints come through, we’ll have to address them.”

“I think they’re trending in the right direction,” Occena added.

“If the situation gets worse or continues, you will have to come back and there may not be a slap on the wrist the next time,” said Seleviotch. “You need to be aware that this is something you have to deal with.’

The commission then voted 3-0 to issue a warning letter to the business.

“I don’t want to shut her down,” said Rotondo. “I respect your decision.”

Item #8

Revere Lodge Loyal Order of Moose #1272 470 Broadway, Wesley Clemons, Manager

Hearing: Hearing into status of license in light of club closure and questions of control of licensed premises.


Nobody from the Moose Lodge was present for the hearing.

“The Moose Lodge is out of business and no longer a functioning entity,” said Selevitch, “but I’m not sure what our course of action should be with regards to the license.”

Guinasso pointed out that the license expires on December 31.

It was the consensus of the commission that they should let the license expire, inasmuch as the premises, which now are under the control of the International Moose organization, are off-limits to any of the local Moose members.

The board took no formal action and will allow the license to expire.


1. Notice of revocation of charter of Revere Lodge Loyal Order of Moose #1272 by Moose International.

2. Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) advisory regarding the 2020 census and updated quotas for retail licenses.

3. ABCC notice of approval of application of Azam, Incorporated d/b/a The Cutting Board for a transfer of license from Rubino’s Restaurant, LLC.

4. ABCC notice of approval of application of MHF Logan Operating V, LLC d/b/a Hampton Inn Revere, for a change of manager.

The next meeting of the commission was set for Wednesday, December 15.

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