Gerry Visconti Announces Candidacy for Re-Election as Councilor-At-Large

Special to the Journal

Gerry Visconti has announced his candidacy for re-election as Councilor at Large. The following is his statement:

“As I look back and reflect on my first term as your Councilor at Large and the years I served on the Revere School Committee, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come as a community. Whether heading into the office, coaching our youth in sports, or simply heading to the grocery story, I run into so many residents who just want to talk. They want to talk about what’s happening in their neighborhood. They want to talk about issues in front of the council like development, our schools, infrastructure, safety, community programming, housing and much more.

As the days turn into weeks and weeks into months, one thing is certain — our community is passionate. We are proud Revere residents, and we are not afraid to wear that pride on our sleeves. The calls, texts and conversations are inspiring. They fuel my eagerness and excitement to continue in my role as Councilor at Large for the City of Revere, which is why I am humbly asking you for one of your five votes on November 2nd.

Together, I am confident we will continue our growth, but doing so, in a manner that maintains the fabric of our community. I have no doubt that Revere will continue to be a desirable city to call home, raise a family and own/operate a business in. Revere is a hot commodity and it’s because of the work we’ve done to foster economic growth, inclusion, and equity for all.

When people ask me about our city, I tell them about a community with unlimited potential. I see residents who are hard-working, selfless, and proud of where the live. I see business owners who made it a point to operate in our city because of its culture, economic benefits, and access to unmatched services. I see life-long residents who wouldn’t think of living anywhere else because Revere is where they grew up, where their kids grew up and where their grandkids grew up. I see first time homeowners from other parts of the world who picked Revere to raise their families and create new traditions.

I see a Revere that respects its past, lives in the now, and looks forward to what’s to come.

If elected, I will continue to be a business-minded leader who will always make decisions based on what’s best for the city, our residents and business owners. Too often, decisions are made with a political lens, which can cloud judgements and get in the way of “doing what’s right.” Whether you sit politically on the left side, the right side or in the middle isle, the best decisions are always going to be those that are best for our community – regardless of the politics.

We need to continue to support our seniors, enhance our schools, push hard for commercial development and related tax revenues, create homeowner occupied benefits, protect our streets, manage city finances in a responsible manner and much, much more.

We need to think clearly. We need to protect what makes Revere so special. We need to enhance what makes us different. We need to invest in ways to keep us ahead of the curve

You, the voters, play the biggest role in our future when you walk into that ballot booth. Think about what’s best for you and who represents your interests in the most honest, transparent, and viable manner. Think about where you want to see our community in two years, and I hope that I’m part of that future.

New economic development projects. New high school. New business districts. New food and dining experiences. New ways to explore every corner of our community.

New, better, bolder, but, in the end, still Revere.

Our Revere. 

I am forever grateful for the opportunity you have afforded me to represent you and our community. I hope to continue serving you as best I can. Thank you for your continued support.”

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