Local Artist Kevin O’Neil Showcases Creative Art Projects

By Melissa Randall

Whether it is a pair of sneakers, a graduation cap or a city switch box, local artist Kevin O’Neil is bringing a unique and creative touch to each.

O’Neill, who is a technician for National Grid and a busy sports dad to Chloe and Kali, has transformed so many everyday items into works of art. A longtime resident of Malden and a 1996 graduate of Malden High School, and attended Salem State College and majored in Graphic Arts.

After moving to Revere about 15 years ago, he began to focus on various art projects. “My most popular art projects, by far, are my custom sneakers and graduation caps. Every year I try to design and paint at least two or three graduation caps for seniors as a congratulations for their achievements. I have known many of  these kids since they were little, so I make sure they are on the list for when they graduate years in advance.”

In addition to custom sneakers and graduation caps, he also became involved in Revere’s project a couple of years ago to transform the city’s switch boxes. “I painted the switch box on the corner of Malden Street and Broadway.  I thought it was a great idea for the city because it really showcased some of the extremely talented artists in Revere, that otherwise no-one would have noticed. I do have an idea that I think would be amazing. It would be to paint a switch box or something else, in the area of the dog park on Sargent Street. I am thinking of a mural of the dogs of Revere.  People can bring me pics of their pups, and I will paint them to be remembered. I really do love painting people’s pets, and think it would be so cool to have people look at and say that’s my dog.”

If you would like to see more of O’Neill’s work or have a project you would like him to do for you, you can follow him on Instagram at Nitwit928.

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