Carvalho Supports Chavez for School Committee

Special to the Journal

Stephanie Carvalho is supporting  Jacqueline Chavez for School Committee. The following is her statement:

“My name is Stephanie Carvalho and I’m a lifelong Revere resident. I went through the entire Revere Public Schools system from grades K-12 – starting at the Old McKinley and graduating from Revere High in 2019. I’m a member of the Revere Public Library’s Board of Trustees, manager of the Revere Free Store at the Revere’s Farmer Market, and the community engagement coordinator for the Jacqueline Chavez Campaign for School Committee.

I first found out about Jacqueline’s campaign through a Revere Journal article announcing her candidacy. I was thrilled to discover a young, local candidate with teaching experience who included their policy intentions and commitments as part of their platform.

Over the past few weeks, it has been really refreshing to get to meet fellow community members and get out the vote with Jacqueline Chavez’s campaign! It’s also been incredibly relevant to speak with dozens of voters about the school committee, and Jacqueline Chavez’s plans to enrich students, empower families, and support educators.

As an educator, Jacqueline understands the challenges of teaching during the pandemic and how to navigate the difficulties of burnout and new teaching techniques, all while delivering students the education and resources they deserve. I believe Jacqueline’s recent teaching perspective is a huge asset that can help inform updates to School Committee policies and procedures, if elected.

Jacqueline’s teaching experience drives her heartfelt, unwavering commitment to students. Her office is filled with pictures of former students – some with books or art projects, some in matching red Christmas PJs – all of them smiling. She truly wants to make sure all of our students get not only what they need, but what they deserve – a mission she fulfills every day as a Department of Education (DESE) employee. Jacqueline’s passion for students and education policy experience are a compelling combination that will allow her to get things done for Revere’s students and families.

Most importantly, Jacqueline Chavez is willing to listen and learn from the Revere community. She’s kind, she’s bold, she’s driven, she’s committed. She taught Kindergarten both in person AND on Zoom during the pandemic so you know she’s equally tough and patient. She’s the only candidate who has students on the doors for her! She has a heart of gold and a mind to match, and won’t rest until she’s given it her all. I’m ecstatic to endorse her, support her campaign, and vote for Jacqueline Chavez on November 2 for Revere School Committee!

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