Letters to the Editor

Regarding Flooding in Revere

Dear Editor,

First and foremost,

I’d like to give a big thank you to the DPW for acting so quickly on Seawall Street Monday night into Tuesday morning.

The water was flooding the Street from the 17-18 block to the 80 block of Sewall there about.

I am wondering if we can have something done to help these low lying areas when we have high tides and heavy rain.

Clearly we need better flood resiliency  strategies that the Mayor and DPW are working towards.

That said, I hope I  could recognize the Revere DPW for weathering the storm and helping keep Revere going in the right direction . Thank you to Chris, Nick and Joe who came to help mitigate the flooding on Seawall st.

The DPW is never fully recognized for the work they do. It’s important work and it is what keeps our City moving forward!

Thank you.

George Rotondo

Let’s Make Sure Our Children Are Prepared

Back to school season is here! As students prepare to return to the classroom in-person we must ensure our children have the college and career support they need. I’m Jacqueline Chavez, a public school teacher and education policy specialist running for the Revere School Committee because I have the classroom and policy experience to ensure our children are prepared to succeed in K-12 and beyond.

The 2020 Census data indicates Revere had the largest population increase in all of Massachusetts over the last ten years. We must continue our commitment to equitably serving all students in our community as it grows so that every student has the tools to fulfill their potential. Many of our Revere families say the School Committee must do more to prepare students for success after graduation. I have the personal and professional experience to support our students in pursuing further education to meet their career goals.

As a Gates Millennium and Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar, I  received my undergraduate (Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations) and graduate (Master’s in Education and Social Change) degrees debt free. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without my high school counselor and the resources in my school district. This experience led me to start a scholarship fund to provide first-generation college students scholarships for college and certification training programs. In the past 7 years we have given over $15,000 to students!

As committeewoman, I will continue my commitment to ensure every student in Revere has access to the same support and resources that I had. I will do this by expanding access to internships and college, scholarship, and FAFSA workshops for all juniors and senior ensuring equitable distribution of COVID relief funds

Our students deserve the best, and that comes with experienced, dedicated leadership. As a teacher, scholarship fund director, and education policy specialist, I’m committed to ensuring all students, families, and educators have access to high-quality support and opportunities for college and career success.


Jacqueline Chavez, Candidate for Revere School Committee


[email protected]

Facebook & Instagram: @chavez4revere

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