Fenley Street home is recognized as Revere Beautification Committee’s Beautiful Home

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) named the D’Addario/Duncan home located on Fenley Street as the latest recipient of its “Beautiful Home” award.  The first thing that is noticed as you approach the property is the lovely entrance.  A neutral colored stone wall surrounds the property and it is capped by lighter stone.  Between the wall is a set of granite stairs and this motif is carried through the walk to the front door brick stairway. 

Flanking the entry are two black urns filled with Bright red New Zealand impatients .  In addition, there is a small circular flower bed chock full of red, pink and white mini petunias, peach sweet williams, and purple salvia on each side of the entry way.  The manicured lawn extends to the house that has many different bushes along flanking it.  The bushes are multi- colored ;  some are deep green, some are light green, some have a yellow hue, and some are reddish in color.  There is even a pine tree among the others.  All of these have been well pruned.  But the special tree that is on the left side of the yard is the hydrangea tree that the owner told me produces white flowers that turn to a bright red in the fall.

The owners, John D’Addario and Terry Duncan, do all of the landscaping themselves and are understandably extremely proud of the result.  The RBC congratulates John and Terry on their beautiful home and encourages all residents to emulate them by beautifying their own property.

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