Powers Requests Wonderland Property Owners to Clean Out and Clear up Ditch

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers is requesting a “cleaning-up and clearing-out” of the ditch on the Wonderland Park property following flooding problems on area streets due to the heavy rainstorms in recent weeks.

Powers said Neponset Street and Dunn Road were particularly affected by the situation at Wonderland.

“We’ve done a lot in this city to correct flooding issues,” said Powers. “Several years ago we spent almost $1 million at Oak Island and we tripled the capacity of the catch basins. Recently, through the efforts of [Chief of Infrastructure and Public Works] Donny Ciaramella, we dredged the Eastern County Ditch that runs from Wonderland down to Oak Island under North Shore Road. He did an exceptional job with that project.”

Powers said the succession of rainstorms exacerbated the problems at the Wonderland property.

“There is a ditch at Wonderland that needs to be cleaned up and cleared out,” said Powers. “I want the problem addressed immediately and I’ll be contacting the owners of the Wonderland property to fix it because it’s creating problems for residents in Ward 5.”

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