On the Campaign Trail: Rizzo pulls papers for Councillor-at-large race

Dan Rizzo, former Revere mayor and councillor-at-large, pulled his nomination papers Monday at City Hall for this fall’s councillor-at-large election.

Rizzo joins a field of candidates that includes four of the five current at-large councillors, Anthony Zambuto, George Rotondo, Steven Morabito, and Gerry Visconti (State Rep. and Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino has announced that she will not be a candidate for re-election).

The other councillor-at-large candidates who have pulled nomination papers are Sherry Rose, Kevin Sanchez, Marc Silvestri, and Cheryl Whittredge.

Rizzo topped the ticket in his last run for councillor-at-large in 2017. Rizzo then lost a hard-fought rematch with Mayor Brian Arrigo in the 2019 mayoral election. Friends and supporters have been urging Rizzo to run for a position on the Council. In fact, some of his constituents still reach out to him for assistance on local issues.

“There’s still an appetite for my style of elective leadership out there,” said Rizzo. “I know I have intimate familiarity and intimate knowledge of municipal government, so I obviously feel I can add a value, and I’ll add a different perspective. Just like the federal government, we’re supposed to be a body of checks and balances and having been on both sides of that fence, I think I can be an asset to the public when it comes to anything going on in the city – public safety, education, public works, development. I’ve dealt with all of it, so I know I can bring another perspective to the conversation.”

The following candidates have pulled papers and are seeking nomination in the upcoming election:

At Large

§*Steven Morabito

Daniel Rizzo

Sherry Rose

§*George J. Rotondo

Kevin A. Sanchez

§ Marc Silvestri

*Gerry Visconti

Cheryl A. Whittredge

§*Anthony T. Zambuto

Ward 1

§*Joanne McKenna

Frank J. Ferrera

Ward 2

§*Ira Novoselsky

Manuel Carrero, Jr.

Ward 3

§ Anthony Cogliandro

Michael Roncevich

Wayne Douglas Rose

Albert Terminiello, Jr.

Ward 4

§*Patrick Keefe, Jr.

Philip Russo

Ward 5

§ Ronald J. Clark

Christian Majano Ortez

*John F. Powers

Ward 6

§*Richard Serino

School Committee

§ Vanessa J. Biasella

*Stacey Bronsdon-Rizzo

§ Jacqueline Chavez

§*Anthony D’Ambrosio

§*Susan J. Gravellese

§ John F. Kingston

*Frederick A. Sannella        

* Denotes Incumbent

§ Denotes Certified status

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