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Endangered Species

Dear Editor,

What if elephants, whales, or other animals were killed at the rate of 972/day, would the Media consider them endangered? How about those ASPCA ads on TV showing neglected and abused puppies trembling with big sad brown eyes? Doesn’t that make you want to adopt one of those poor creatures? Our human conscience tells us what is morally wrong!  Yet, we continue to kill the most helpless innocent life created by God, the human baby in the womb! There is something very wrong with our moral compass if we care more for helpless animals than we do for helpless unborn babies! The brutal killing of a person is always detestable. But if that person is located in the womb, then it is ok to brutalize them in the name of “women’s choice”? 

The Medica refuses to show abortion for what it is: a bloody, brutal method of tearing a live baby apart in the womb while its heart is still beating and nerve endings feel the excruciating pain inflicted.  Medical Schools in San Fransisco train students to abort live babies to harvest fresh organs for research! Is there no end to this diabolical practice?

I’d rather have my tax dollars go to support women in crisis pregnancies and to help them with adoption if they choose not to keep their baby, rather than giving it to “Planned Parenthood” that kills 972 babies per day!  Wouldn’t you?  To learn more, go to liveaction.com.

Lucia Hunter

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