Sweet Sounds! Dan Luberto’s Voice and Videos Attracting Many Fans

Dan Luberto has owned and operated Luberto’s Bakery on Broadway for 35 years. With its wide and varied selection of delicious pastries and treats, Luberto’s has reigned as one of the city’s most popular and patronized food businesses.

And for events large and small, Luberto’s often gets the catering call.

Lately Dan Luberto has been attracting a large following for other talents: his vocals and music videos.

With more than 10,000 followers, his own Youtube channel, an upcoming sold-out show, and featured appearances at two night-club openings, Luberto is making people stand up and take notice.

As it turns out, Luberto has had an appreciation for music since his days as a youth growing up in Argentina.

“I’ve been a singer all my life,” said Luberto. “I performed in Argentina since I was a little kid. I’m also a drummer, but I prefer the singing.”

Since posting his first music video, Luberto has been inundated with requests for other performances.

“I’m doing all kinds of videos by people’s requests,” said Luberto, whose videos can be viewed on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube (Lubertod).

His most recent video, “God Bless The USA”, was released as a tribute to America’s 245th birthday on July 4. One of his most popular videos was “Hallalujah,” which was done to highlight the observance of Easter by many of his fans. His performance of Elton John’s “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” has also been an audience favorite.

Luberto emigrated from Argentina and arrived in the United States in 1971. He opened Luberto’s in 1986 and has been a generous contributor to numerous organizations in Revere.

Luberto said he is humbled by the tremendous response to the music videos.

“I’m really excited by the reception I’ve gotten and by the 10,000 followers,” said Luberto. “I’m going to keep going with it because it makes me happy and makes everybody happy.”

Luberto said he doesn’t limit his music to any specific style. “I can do rock, romantic ballads, Spanish, Italian songs.”

Dan Luberto will be on stage this weekend at a sold-out cruise on Boston Harbor. He will be performing locally at the July 18 Colombian Festival in East Boston.

And you can still find him at Luberto’s Bakery every day on Broadway making people happy there as well.

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