Multi-alarm Blaze Consumes Homes on Hyde Street

On Tuesday afternoon, Revere firefighters battled an intense, rapidly moving fire that engulfed one tri-ple-decker on Hyde Street and quickly spread to an adjacent triple decker next door.

Photos By Kane Dimasso-Scott
Firefighter Tyler Stuart checks up on Lt. Michael O’Hara (left) and Eric Gibson after emerging from the homes to make sure they are doing okay.
Firefighters from Revere and surrounding areas work to contain the fire that has spread to the adjacent properties on Hyde Street.

The fire became a seven-alarm event as firefighters from area communities were called in to assist the Revere Fire Department in the firefighting effort.

The hot, mid-90-degree temperatures and the high humidity presented difficult challenges for the fire-fighters, with some requiring medical attention at the scene.

The closeness of the two buildings also presented strategical problems as firefighters sought the best angles and points of entry to contain the fire and prevent the spread to other residences on the street.

The air was thick with smoke, so much so that visibility was near-zero as the smoke made its way over Sonny Myers Park.

The Hyde Street fire continues what has been a particular busy time for Revere firefighters who have previously fought major blazes on Endicott Avenue and Kingman Avenue. All three, multi-alarm blazes began in the mid-to-late-afternoon hours and have required massive firefighting efforts.

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