Council Approves Powers’ Request for Traffic Signage

The City Council unanimously approved a request by Ward 5 Councillor John Powers to install “Slow, Children” signs at appropriate locations on Sagamore Street and Rice Avenue.

Powers said there is a playground on Sagamore Street and that children and their families use Rice Avenue for access to the beach area.

“In a way to curtail speeding and advise people that there are children in those areas, I think this [request for signs] is something that really should happen right away, within a week or so.”

Powers was also successful in getting a motion approved that will result in a stop sign being installed on Rice Avenue at the intersection of Delano and Whitin Avenues.

Interestingly after the two measures were passed, Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino raised “a point of inquiry”, asking whether Powers’ two requests were “work orders.”

“I always submit them through 311,” said Serino. “I would start putting them in as motions, but I didn’t think that was proper order for our rules of order.

“You are correct,” Council President Anthony Zambuto assured Serino. “But I’m giving a little leeway here.”

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