Letter to the Editor

On Anti-Semitism

Dear Editor:

Antisemitism is in our midst. From May 1948 when Israel became a Nation, forces have tried to destroy her economically, and politically. Events reported by the media are misleading, discrediting Israel and supporting Palestinians. No one acknowledges that if Hamas’s terrorists did not instigate attacks, Israel wouldn’t need to defend herself!

Over the years, Israel has sought peace, invested resources in the Gaza Strip, building homes, power grids, green houses, even shelters to help the Palestinian people. Hamas destroyed these leaving the people dependent, unsheltered, and desperate. President Biden lifted sanctions on Iran, a chief supporter of Hamas, thus allowing Hamas to gain weaponry. And money we send to the Palestinian Authority to use for the Palestinian people is re-directed to purchase weapons and rockets to attack Israel! 

Over the years of endless attacks, Israel wisely built bomb shelters and a defense system to protect her people! Thus, when fighting occurs, it appears that Palestinian people suffer more than the Israeli people.  This is the result Hamas wants, to gain sympathy, while they are the very culprits who put their own people in harm’s way using them as shields! 

God made a covenant with Israel. Any Nation that blesses Israel, God will bless. But the Nation that tries to weaken or destroy her, God will punish! Israel has a right to defend herself.

Shame on those reporters and congressional representatives who inflame antisemitic attitudes by constantly blaming Israel. Our government must strongly support Israel!

Lucia Hunter

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