Revere on the Move Launches Two New Initiatives

Revere On The Move Director of Community Engagement Dimple Rana said the department is launching new initiatives: the expansion of its community garden program from two to four gardens and a new raised garden bed pilot program.

The two original community gardens in the city are located at Revere High School and Gibson Park. The two new gardens will be installed on Broadsound Avenue in Beachmont and at the McKinley School (The current community garden at the McKinley School is being enlarged and will make its debut in the next few weeks).

Rana explained the nature of the raised garden-bed program.“We’re going to have the Police Activities League (PAL) build raised beds for 20 residents (who are accepted into the program) and install  the raised beds on their properties,” said Rana. “If the residents are first-time growers, we will provide them with assistance for growing plants.”

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