Traffic Commission Approves Fire Lanes on Neptune Road

The Revere Traffic Commission, under the direction of Chair Paul Argenzio, approved the installation of fire lanes on both sides of Neptune Road at its April 29 meeting.

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso was the original sponsor of the proposal that ad-dressed the crowded conditions on the roadway that runs from Route 107 (off of Broadway Circle) to 405 American Legion Highway.

“Naples Road has been a long-time prob-lem for the businesses that surround most of the area and to the homeowners,” said Guinasso, citing public safety for all as his top priority. “Deputy Chief Paul Cheever knows all too well about what goes on on Naples Road as he appeared on many occa-sions before the Revere License Commis-sion. Unfortunately, we have seen too many business establishments in that area not being neighborly to one another and not being neighborly to the residents of the area.”

Guinasso said that having fire lanes on both sides of Naples Road “will make the unbe-lievable conditions corrected.”

“I think it’s the simplest way and what it does it gives some teeth in the law to our Police Department to go out and issue tick-ets in violation of the terms of what exists there.”

City Council President Anthony Zambuto supported his colleague’s declarations.

“This has been a disaster for years down there [on Naples Road],” said Zambuto. “I think we all know that. Now that we have a hotel [Avid Hotel] there, it makes it even more of a risk if something happens. You could never get an apparatus down that street with the way they park on both sides and sometimes double park and triple park. I think is the way to make this street safe and efficient. Businesses will keep the cars in their own lots and in their own property. I urge the Commission to take this seriously and vote favorably for it.”

City Council Vice-President Gerry Visconti also offered his support. “I’m in favor of this as well,” said Visconti. “It is long over-due. I think there is a lot of parking abuse on both sides, which makes it difficult for cars and fire engines and apparatus to trav-el down there. A lot complaints have come out of the new business that’s down there now, so I think it’s an easy solution. I hope the Commission votes favorably on this.”

In addition to Argenzio, other members of the Traffic Commission in attendance were City Engineer Nick Rystrom, Fire Chief Christopher Bright, Police Chief David Cal-lahan, Police Sgt. Chris Giannino, along with Revere ADA Coordinator Ralph DeCicco.

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