DPW Begins Cleanup of Northbound Route 1A Land

The City of Revere’s DPW and Sanitation Department has undertaken the difficult task of cleaning the litter out of approximately four acres north of the jughandle on the northbound side of Route 1A (North Shore Road) and approximately 20 acres south of the jughandle.

The marshy area is covered with all kinds of dirt and debris including needles, masks, liquor bottles, and plastic materials.

“These properties are owned by either National Grid, Mass DOT, and private parties  – some parcels of land may be owned by the City of Revere,” said Donny Ciaramella, Revere chief of infrastructure and engineering. “But nobody’s ever maintained it. I’ve been driving by this area for years and I’ve never seen anyone out there.”

Ciaramella described the entire area as “an eyesore.”

“The litter is just an eyesore. There’s plastic getting into the waterways. There’s plastic that’s ending up in the ocean by means of the marsh, by means of the ditches.”

Ciaramella said motorists traveling home to Lynn, Swampscott, and Marblehead are likely unaware that Revere is not responsible for the mess.

“The Sanitation Department and DPW have begun a month’s work of just trying to clean the litter out of this area,” said Ciaramella. “We just want to set an example for state agencies that the City of Revere is not going to wait for someone else to do it.”

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers stopped by the site of the cleanup Friday to commend Ciaramella, DPW Supt. Paul Argenzio, DPW General Foreman Joe Lake, Sanitation Department Supervisor Jay D’Ambrosio, and DPW staff member Brian Vesce for their cleanup efforts and taking the initiative in launching the project.

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