The Jack Satter House Gives a Warm Welcome Home to Freni

Domenic Freni has been a Revere resident at the Jack Satter House for the past five years and is a beloved friend and neighbor to all the Satter residents. 

Freni is 97 years young and a WWII veteran in the European Theatre, but over the past year, Freni has been in the fight of his life for a second time. A complexity of medical issues has kept Domenic away from his friends for the past year.

In December of 2019 Domenic took a fall and broke his hip. While in recovery he developed a brain embolism that required surgery and was sent to rehab in Peabody, where he required another surgery for more arterial repairs in March of 2020.

Following that, he developed Covid-19 and was quarantined until the end of May.  Freni briefly returned home to Revere for the month in June,  he was then sent back to the Woburn Rehabilitation Center, until his triumphant return to the Jack Satter House on Friday, March 5, 2021.

His family and friends were there to greet this American hero and welcome him back home.

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