Mayor Arrigo’s Message of Thanks — and Hope

Mayor Brian Arrigo’s State of the City address was unprecedented in many respects. 

Not only was it the first State of the City speech to be delivered remotely (via Zoom and Facebook Live), but it also marked a departure in its tone and substance from the usual State of the City speeches to which we have become accustomed over the decades.

To be sure, the mayor discussed the accomplishments of his administration of the past year and his desire to implement his policies and programs in the year ahead.

But what we most admired about Mayor Arrigo’s thoughts and words was his focus on giving thanks to the countless thousands of local residents and city employees whose brave and selfless efforts have helped Revere endure the pandemic over the past year and who still are doing so today.

In addition, Mayor Arrigo’s soaring oratory squarely made it clear that he is mindful that the destiny of our city and our residents inextricably is interwoven with the national discussions about the injustice and lack of opportunity facing large segments of our society — and that he is committed to making Revere a community that is inclusive for all of our residents.

As the mayor acknowledged, the past year has been the most difficult to face our city and our nation in many generations and he did not downplay the challenges that continue to lie ahead.

But Mayor Arrigo’s message of optimism should inspire every resident to feel confident that that we will emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever — and that Revere’s best days lie ahead.

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