School Committee Member Carol Tye Endorses Juan Jaramillo for State Rep. One of Revere’s Most Respected Public Servants Supports Jaramillo’s Bid for Election to the House

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Revere School Committee member and former Revere Superintendent of Schools Carol Tye has endorsed Revere’s own Juan Jaramillo for State Representative for the 19 th Suffolk District. Committeewoman Tye is a former teacher at Revere High School who led the teachers union for 33 years before she was promoted to the position of superintendent. After her retirement in 2001, Carol was elected to the School Committee and continues to serve in this capacity.

Jaramillo, a Revere High School graduate, served alongside Tye as the Student Representative to the Revere School Committee. “I am proud to support Juan Jaramillo for State Representative from Revere and Winthrop,” said Committeewoman Tye, a lifelong Beachmont resident, in her endorsement of Jaramillo. “As a colleague on the School Committee, Juan always stood by his values. I am confident that he will continue to fight for our students, our parents, our teachers, and our schools in both Revere and Winthrop as our State Representative.”

While the Revere Public Schools are among the top-performing Gateway City school districts in the Commonwealth, its working-class student body has been disparately affected during this pandemic. The public health crisis has highlighted the long-term funding issues that school districts like Revere face and presented us with unique challenges to learning that plague students and families in their educational experience.

“I am honored by and grateful for Committeewoman Tye’s support. She is among Revere’s most respected public servants, and I am looking forward to working with her on bettering our school district,” said Juan Jaramillo of Tye’s endorsement. “We are in a unique moment for our school system. It is critical that our students and parents receive the quality education and support they deserve, while we simultaneously protect our staff’s health and safety. I am a proud graduate of Revere Public Schools, this is where my kids will go to school, and I am deeply invested in our system. As your State Representative, I will work tirelessly to build upon the district’s success.”

Talking about the Student Opportunity Act which increases funding for schools like the ones in Revere and Winthrop, Jaramillo said “the Commonwealth has a constitutional duty to fully fund our public schools and I will fight to ensure that we meet that commitment now that we are so close to fulfilling that promise. We can’t afford to lose even a year of the promised funding that the legislature made to our students and teachers. The Student Opportunity Act will help; bridge the digital divide that has negatively affected our working-class student population, improve the infrastructure in our buildings to enhance the learning experience and protect teachers and students, and provide more specialized learning for the students that most need it.”

“I am running for state representative because of the incredible work of educators like Ms. Tye who has been fighting for a quality education for all and inspired my career in public service” Juan Jaramillo, a life-long Revere resident, is running to represent Revere and Winthrop in the House of Representatives 19 th Suffolk District. If he succeeds in the March 2nd special primary, Jaramillo, the only Revere candidate on the ballot, will move into the seat formerly held by theHonorable Speaker Robert A. DeLeo.

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