Revere Close to Picking Architect for New High School

Revere Public School (RPS) Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly said RPS and the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Designer Selection Panel are working together to identify an architect that will design a new Revere High School.

Kelly said RPS and the MSBA have already narrowed the field of eight applications to four for interviews but one firm has since dropped out.

“We will be interviewing the remaining three which is really exciting,” said Kelly. “We hope to emerge for that meeting with an agreement with MSBA that will allow us to pursue a contract with our designer of choice. 

From there, Kelly said, the real work will begin. 

“We will work with the designer to help them understand the community vision for our new school and re-engage the visioning team to further that work,” said Kelly. “Our design team will also work with the city to finalize the site location for the new school.  It’s a very bright prospect in a very difficult school year.”

In April the MSBA voted to authorize inviting the City of Revere to collaborate with the MSBA in conducting a Feasibility Study to build a new high school in the city.

Revere was one of five school districts chosen by the MSBA on April 15 with the others being the Town of Brookline, the City of Haverhill, the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District, and the Town of Webster.

The vote by the MSBA came on the heels of a vote by the Revere City Council to approve a $2 million appropriation to begin the Feasibility Study to build a new high school in the city in February 2020.

In 2018 Revere Public Schools cleared a major hurdle during a MSBA board meeting. At that meeting the MSBA board voted to invite Revere and ten other school districts that filed Statements of Interest (SOI) this year to take part in the eligibility process that could ultimately lead to grant money to build a new high school.

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