Guest Op-Ed: ‘It Was an Honor’ to Serve With Speaker Bob DeLeo

By Joseph Boncore

I am so incredibly honored to have spent these past few years serving alongside House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo in the General Court.

For over 40 years, starting as a town meeting member and ending with his Speakership, Bob has provided inimitable leadership for Winthrop and Revere. His dedication to these communities is clear: from unparalleled constituent services to protecting our shorelines, building new senior centers and founding the Winthrop Foundation.

At the start of his Speakership, he navigated the House through unrest and now, at the end, has led the Commonwealth through the greatest crisis of our time. The Speaker’s resignation ends a historic era and is a huge loss for the Commonwealth, for the General Court, and for residents of Winthrop and Revere, whom we both have the pleasure of serving.

For me, over the past 30 years, Bob has been a coach, a colleague, a mentor, and a friend. While I am sad to see him leave, I’m proud of the work he has accomplished and thankful for the guidance he has taken the time to provide me. I join the residents of Winthrop, Revere, and entire Commonwealth in wishing him and his family the very best in his next chapter.Joseph Boncore is state senator in the First Suffolk and Middlesex District that includes the communities of Revere and Winthrop.

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