Health Dept. Working Hard in Preparation for Arrival of Vaccines

Revere Public Health Department Director Lauren Buck said the city is not at the point where it will be administering the COVID-19 vaccines to residents yet but the staff is making logistical preparations for the arrival and distribution of the vaccines.

“We as a Board of Health are not there yet, but long-term care facilities have been working for weeks through the state’s program in partnership with CVS and Walgreens Pharmacies in order to get that process up and running, but the vaccines are not there that.”

Buck said “any healthcare workers who live in Revere and work in acute care hospitals will hopefully be hearing from their employers about when they can be vaccinated there.”

She added that the Revere Board of Health is making preparations for the arrival of the vaccines “so we’re ready when it comes.” “We don’t have any specifics in terms of when the Revere Board of Health will have its own supply of the vaccines to give to the residents of the city but we are making sure that we are working to make sure we are ready if we get the call,” said Buck

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