Council Gives Its Support to New Residences At 83 Bradstreet

Paul Buonfiglio appeared at the City Council’s Zoning Sub-Committee meeting to talk about his plans to alter an existing, non-conforming four-unit structure by increasing the number of units to six at 83 Bradstreet Ave.

 Buonfiglio is the well-known director of Buonfiglio Funeral Home in Revere. He was representing Bradstreet, LLC, in the project.

“The plans for the building are a total rehab,” said Buonfiglio. “We’re not 100 percent certain on the final details to the exterior façade, but this will be the exterior once completed (see accompanying photo).

Buonfiglio said he intends to convert the existing, four-unit (13 bedrooms) structure to six units consisting of 3 two-bedroom units and 3 one-bedroom units.

“We’ve met with the neighbors and Councilor Joanne McKenna several times and Joanne can share with you that we’ve kind of conquered all the concerns of the neighborhood and I’m excited and looking forward to get this project moving,” said Buonfiglio.

McKenna said there was a community meeting and the neighbors’ biggest concern was parking. “We restricted it to six parking spaces, six cars, one per unit and one visitor’s pass per unit,” said McKenna, noting that the property was once the site of a rooming house.

McKenna reported that the neighbors on Bradstreet Avenue were “very happy” about Buonfiglio’s transformational plans.

“The rehab will be a great asset to the community,” said McKenna. “I think the net worth of some of the houses around here will go up. I’m in favor of this.”

Ward 3 Councilor Arthur Guinasso said, “With new ownership and the type of development that Paul Buonfiglio has presented, to me it seems like a great plus for the neighborhood and the Ward 1 people. I will be voting favorably for this particular proposal.”

Councilor-at-Large Gerry Visconti also voiced his support for the new plans. “Looking at that picture of what it’s going to be like, it’s apples and oranges,” said Visconti. “I want to commend both Councilor McKenna and Mr. Buonfiglio on working together and working with the neighbors.”

Councilor-at-Large Jessica Giannino called the proposal “a great example of a developer coming in and working with the ward councilor.”

“You’re at a point where the neighborhood is happy. The neighbors are getting an improvement. The developer is happy that he gets to build a beautiful project and the ward councilor is happy. This was done right,” said Giannino.

Committee Chair Anthony Zambuto praised the professional cooperation between the ward councilor and the developer. “This is what we look for, cooperation with the neighborhood, the ward councilor. It’s certainly a model for what should be done. Of course, it’s a lot easier when you have a developer like Paul Buonfiglio. It makes life easy. I commend Councilor Joanne McKenna. I know you put a lot of work into this and you got the neighborhood behind it. It’s going to improve the value of the neighborhood. It’s a big improvement to the neighborhood. Beachmont’s going to be very proud.”

The City Council later approved the Zoning Subcommittee’s favorable, unanimous recommendation of the proposal.

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