ZBA Approves Revised Plan for Apartment Building

The Revere Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) met on November 18, approving one project and continuing two others.

The board approved a scaled-down version of a development for Lot 1 at the junction of Washington Avenue and Sherman Street. The developer, Sarnaglia, LLC, originally was looking to build a five-story building with 42 apartments and one commercial space. The project needed a variance for minimum front, side, and rear yards, minimum screening, maximum floor area ratio, and parking requirements for apartment use.

After a series of meetings with neighbors and Ward 6 Councilor Richard Serino, the developer reduced his project to four stories with 30 studio and one-bedroom rentals and no commercial spaces. There will be 36 parking spaces provided on the ground level.

“The developer did a tremendous job in meeting with the neighborhood residents,” Serino noted. ” I am happy to support this project.”

“This is a good project and will contribute $100,000 to the Community Improvement Trust Fund that will address infrastructure and public utilities impacted by the project,” said Robert O’Brien, Revere’s Director of Planning and Development.

ZBA chairman Michael Tucker urged that a provision be placed into the documents that there will be no overnight street-parking permits issued to any resident at this address. 

Serino added that he hopes the street can be repaved and improvements made to Sherman St. in the future.

The developer will bait the area for rodent control prior to demolition. 

The commissioners unanimously voted to grant the variance request.

In other business, the ZBA continued the hearing for a variance at 185 Endicott Street. The property owner, who is seeking to convert the single-family dwelling into a two-family, said he needs to hire legal counsel. 

The request was approved and the matter continued.

The third applicant to come before the board was seeking a variance to add 356 square feet to a dwelling at 951 Revere Beach Parkway.  The variance would address the lack of the required 10 feet of side-yard setback.

Ward 4 Councilor Patrick Keefe noted that the neighbors felt that the extension would be fine. However, there is concern about a sewer line easement and whether the new structure would be built over it. 

After Tucker stated that the applicant needs to get a letter from the city engineer for the sewer line easement, a motion to continue was approved.

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