Revere Baseball Leagues Honors the Life of Coach Kevin Cummings

Following an event held in tribute to her husband, the late Kevin Cummings, at Griswold Park last Friday, Joyce Doherty related  how proud she was of the city of Revere and Revere Youth Baseball League “for coming together and supporting one of their own.”

Mr. Cummings was a beloved baseball coach and devoted father to Kasey Cummings and Kyle Cummings. Mr. Cummings died on Oct. 22 after a long illness. He was 61.

Speaking about the event that featured softball games, baseball contests, and raffle drawings, Joyce said, “In such a turbulent time in our society, to see everyone just come out with love and support, it’s absolutely amazing. There were so many people, especially the Leones, the Cassidys, and Lewises, they went above and beyond.”

The gift of Mr. Cummings’ coaching and his own incredible baseball prowess that saw him earn a tryout with the Boston Red Sox will continue through his sons, Kasey and Kyle.

When Kyle was born, Mr. Cummings realized that his difference in age to his older brother, Kasey, would allow them to enter the Revere High baseball program together.

Next spring, Kasey Cummings, a senior, and Kyle Cummings, will make their father’s dream a reality when they play high school baseball as teammates.

“They played for the 18-Under team this fall,” said Joyce Doherty. “Both of my kids played and it was beautiful to see. The coaches were amazing. It was a lovely last game for the family. It was always my husband’s dream – he did the math when Kyle was born. He said to me, ‘Do you know when they go to the high school, they’ll be in the same school and maybe they’ll both play on varsity together?’ He’s been talking about that forever.”

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