Letter to the Editor

Vote TRUMP This November 3 If You Value Our Nation’s Principles

Dear Editor,

President Trump has kept his promises to the American People in spite that the left having not recovered from his election!  President Trump was never afforded a peaceful transition! From the moment he announced his campaign to the present, President Trump has been spied on, attacked and confronted with false accusations, from the Russian Dossier, to Russian Collusion and the subsequent Mueller investigation.  After his State of the Union speech, Nancy Pelosi ripped up her copy of the State of the Union speech with shameful disrespect on live TV!  Maxine Waters told liberal followers to harass, beat and attack Trump supporters where ever they see them! The bias Media has jumped to conclusions for headlines, and has been complicit in this effort to undermine Trump’s presidency.  Political correctness has “cancelled” moderates and conservatives alike, Social Media is censoring conservative views in behalf of the liberal progressive views, and ignores Biden scandals while Trump is fair game for anything negative!

At the start of the Virus Threat, Pelosi and Congress were consumed with impeaching President Trump rather than concern for the health of Americans! Trump’s focus was to keep people safe and fulfill his duties! He implemented protective measures, while Pelosi and Biden accused him of “overreacting” and “fearmongering”.  Congress should be working with the President in behalf of the American People instead of trying to destroy him on every turn.  It’s easy finding fault with doers!  With all this, the American people rose to the occasion, as did President Trump.

While wealthy activists orchestrated caravans of immigrants to boarders and funded radical groups that turned protests into destructive riots, Trump managed to build our economy, got North Korea to stop shooting missals, withdrew from poor deals, strengthened our Military, negotiated trade deals, moved our embassy to Jerusalem, freed American hostages, reduced taxes for middle-class workers, lowered the corporate tax encouraging business growth, attracted manufacturing jobs back to America, initiated Prison Reform, supported school choice, developed opportunity zones in inner cities, financially supported black colleges, secured our boarders and made us the number one exporter of coal and oil. While being Impeached, he focused on getting Medical supplies and equipment to areas impacted by the virus, got stimulus bills passed to help people impacted financially by the shut-down and his “Operation Warp Speed” made significant strides so that a Vaccine is expected before the year’s end, and worked to facilitate peace agreements with Arab countries and Israel! The bias Media will never mention these accomplishments!

 Democrats promote: abolishing the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, eliminating fossil fuels, defunding the police, Socialism, open borders, Green New Deal, killing unborn babies right up to and including delivery, plan to give illegal immigrants voting privileges, social security benefits, and citizenship. Democrats are procuring illegals, giving them “freebees”, enrolling them on welfare so to keep them dependent to ensure their vote! Many Democrat run cities have more crime, poverty and homelessness than those run by Republicans.

The Republican Platform is sensible: encourages individual responsibility and less dependence on government. President Trump built up our economy. He can do it again! His foreign policies put Americans first. He upholds the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and a Supreme Court that judge cases according to existing Laws! He supports Law Enforcement, Pro-Life, and believes in our Judeo-Christian Principles. If you hold these as essential for America, you must vote for Trump!

Lucia A. Hunter, Lifelong resident of Revere

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