City’s COVID-19 Outreach Team Hiring ‘Community Ambassadors’ for Health Efforts

Kim Hanton, director of the Revere COVID-19 Emergency Response Team, said the city’s outreach team is in the process of hiring a multilingual contingent of Community Ambassadors to assist in promoting safe health practices across the city.

“The Ambassadors will help us promote safety and distribute resources to different neighborhoods in the community that we feel have not been accessed to the best of our ability during this COVID-19 crisis,” said Hanton, who is the chief of public health and human services in Mayor Brian Arrigo’s newly formed City of Revere Cabinet.

Hanton said the goal “is “to build our capacity and make our efforts more neighborhood friendly and to work together and communicate with the residents.”

The Response Team’s increased efforts were launched as the City had one of the highest percentages of positive COVID-19 in the state during the last two weeks of August.

Neighboring communities Chelsea, Everett, Winthrop, and Lynn are also appeared on the list of COVID-19 “hot spots” in the area.

“The Ambassadors will be distributing masks and materials that promote safety and explain what the state regulations really mean,” said Hanton. “We’re finding that many people don’t have a true understanding of ‘What does it mean [during COVID-19] to have a social gathering?’ “This is really our way of having a peer who is going to try to promote safety. It’s peer promotion. An Ambassador will be a peer within the neighborhood. We want our Ambassadors to be role models for the practice of good public health behavior.”

Paid, Part-Time Non-Union Positions

Kim Hanton said the Community Ambassadors will be part-time, paid, non-union positions that will requires 19 hours per week.

“We’re looking for bilingual candidates who can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Khmer, Vietnamese, Russian, or Arabic.”

Candidates for the positions can visit for more information about the application process. All candidates must be residents of Revere.

Hanton said all Ambassadors will be required to participate in a training program for COVID-19 engagement procedures.

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