Petrillo Receives Beautiful Home Award

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) has presented its “Beautiful Home” award to Antoinetta Petrillo of Venditto Road. 

To begin to describe the landscaping of this property is very difficult as one does not know where to begin.  So I will begin to attempt to describe the garage side of the house.  Neatly trimmed bushes, hosts, flowering bushes and flowers run up the side of the driveway to the garage which is has a large urn filled with a lovely arrangement of plants.  Trees and neatly trimmed bushes line the front of the house until the center walkway which is bordered by a variety of various colored plants that extend up the front stairs to the double doors each of which has a floral wreath on it.  The other side of the front is a duplicate of the other and reaches to another driveway.  This driveway is bordered by hosta and other plantings leading to the back yard.  The lawn is neatly trimmed and the city trees in the front of the property have plantings surrounding them.  I will not begin to describe the back yard as it is spectacular.

The entire property was done over the years by the owner, Antoinetta Petrillo.  She said that when she first began the project, she spent about 7 hours a day working on the property.  Now that she is older, she spends less time, but still spends many hours a day on the upkeep and on new plantings.  It took many years of dedicated effort to get to the present product.  As most gardeners know, the job is never completely done and Antoinetta is proof of the veracity of that statement.

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) commends Antoinetta Petrillo for the amazing work that she has done to help make Revere beautiful.  We encourage all Revere residents to do the same.

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