Letter to the Editor

Refrain from Ticketing

Dear Editor,

With Revere COVID-19 cases on the rise and the state of Massachusetts leading the nation in employment at 17.4% as reported last month, our community is experiencing a very challenging time. Adding to these challenges is the renewed drive to crack down on code violations and issue fines for trash and parking violations. While I am a huge proponent of accountability and playing by the rules, I see the impact that these fines are having on my neighbors during an already difficult time. Many around us are enduring financial hardship as companies issue layoffs and some of those that are working struggle to find daycare. Residents that would normally be at work during the day come out to find street sweeping tickets where they may have never received such an infraction before which increases stress and financial strain.

Our short term outlook does not appear to get any easier with Mayor Arrigo’s recent announcement and decisions around our spiking COVID numbers to which I believe was both the difficult and correct decision to make. 

I am writing to you to request that the city refrain from issuing such fines and tickets, as they did with the onset of COVID-19, until conditions improve. I understand that this is a tumultuous situation and difficult ask given revenue shortfalls for the city. I don’t need to remind you that we are all in this together however right now those experiencing illness and financial hardship need your empathy and assistance to alleviate whatever additional burdens we can. Although a $50 ticket for street seeping may not seem like a substantial amount for some, for a low to moderate income community like ours and with unemployment rates this high, it places further financial burden on our residents who are already being challenged financially and need your help. Thank you for your consideration of my request. 

Eric Lampedecchio

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