RBC’s Latest ‘Beautiful Home on Broadway’

The Revere Beautification Committee’s latest “Beautiful Home” award has been given to the Fernandez family located on Broadway. 

The property of this house is surrounded by a wrought iron fence that encloses a manicured lawn.  The entire property is kept in pristine condition from the back yard area that leads to a garage to the front of the house facing Broadway. 

The side entry, located on Rose Street, is flanked by hydrangea bushes whose lovely flowers provide a warm and welcoming sight.  In the corner is a beautiful shade providing tree providing a lovely atmosphere in which to relax .  Bushes line the side of the house from front to back.

In the front of this center entrance colonial, the lovely bushes are continued and the area is filled with baskets of colorful flowers and graceful urns also flower filled.  There is a statue and an American flag in the area creating a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere.  To complete the scene, there is a huge oval shaped wreath on the front door. 

The owner, Richard Fernandez, does all of the work  on the flowers himself but he hires a person to mow the manicured lawn.  He estimates that he spends about two hours a day to maintain the property. 

It is obvious that Richard and his wife Patti take great pride in their home.  That pride is reflected in the finished project.  The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) urges all residents to take pride in their property by beautifying it as the Fernandez family has done.            

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